Wednesday, October 22, 2014

American Cheese Month and a Whole Foods Giveaway!

It's American Cheese Month and Whole Foods wants you to know! Now just to make this clear, we are talking about cheese made in America, not the orange stuff that is called cheese.  Sorry! I never liked that stuff, but I know many of you do and that's OK, but this cheese board is like way better. I mean way better!

Check out the certified cheese professional at your local Whole Foods. They can help you put together a fabulous spread. I chose some Colorado winners-I just couldn't help myself- and I wasn't disappointed! I started with an Avalanche cheese that is made in the Roaring Fork Valley, near Aspen. And no, I don't know if it is named after our hockey team, but it has won some awards. Probably more than the team! I used a goat's milk cheddar, made in the style of a British cheddar. Very different than the usual cheddar that I use on most anything. This is a dry, but flavorful, but not strong cheese and works lovely with homemade jam. Avalanche has loads of fabulous products on their website and lots of cute pictures of goats. I think I love goats more than cheese!

I also included a fun cheese from Fort Collins, which is where I went to school way back when.  This was a whole milk cheese from MouCo called Ashley. Well, Ashley rocks! Totally a great substitution for when you want a brie or a Camembert to add to your platter. We loved this cheese and caught it at its milder side, as this is one that does get stronger as it ages. It comes in a cute little ash covered round, and is smooth with a lot of soul.

Third, I added a Colorado cheese from Haystack. Buttercup was a mild cheese made from cow and goat's milk. It was very mild and would be perfect as an everyday cheese to add highlights to any sandwich!

Last, but not least, I felt I needed a wildcard in this bunch, so I threw in the Beehive Barely Buzzed cheese. This is an original, unique American cheese made in Utah. But lest you think I left out Colorado, this cheese is covered in coffee beans roasted in Colorado. It has a smooth, creamy texture and since it is rubbed with lavender and coffee, it has a unique flavor that I adored!

Make your own cheese board! It is a perfect appetizer, dessert or dinner. I often add a variety of crackers or breads. Plenty of great jams, work well with the richness and saltiness of certain cheese. Sausages, salamis, chorizo, pates, what have you, help build a cheese platter and make it interesting. Olives and cornichons, dried and fresh fruits are all ways to create your own original combo!

Celebrate our country's bounty. You will not be disappointed.

Whole Foods is giving away 1 $25 gift card to help fill your basket.  This is a sponsored post by Whole Foods but all opinions expressed are mine, baby. All mine. This giveaway is easy to enter as long as you live in the US. Giveaway closes on October 31st, 2014. Subscribe if you don't want to miss the announcement of the winner or tune in on November 10th to see if you won!  The winner will be chosen by a Random Number Generator! So now, to enter: (dahdah, dah, dah, de DAH!) Enter once by leaving me a comment and telling me what your favorite cheese is. Enter twice by subscribing to This is How I Cook. Enter again by following me on Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter. 

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